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New: THE ABC OF WORK by Marcus Mueller: PhD, Science based on People Engagement Strategies for Leaders

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Marcus Mueller is the founder of this revolutionary approach, to enhance people engagement with a documented potential of achieving over 150% return on your people investments. Look at this following video of presentation by Marcus Mueller of the ABC of work model:

Marcus Müller was born in Saarbrücken/Germany. He studied for his masters degrees in electrical engineering, business administration and Adlerian psychology in Germany, the UK and Australia and holds a PhD in social psychology. He spent more than 16 years in senior positions as an investment banker in London, New York, Frankfurt and Geneva. Since 2007, Marcus has been serving as an academic, researching and teaching in the field of organizational psychology. Marcus has taught courses in leadership, management psychology and social innovation. He has combined professional pedigree and groundbreaking science, including his own scientific research, to become an internationally recognized expert and speaker on professional as well as personal performance, health and well-being.

Marcus is the founder of the “ABC Vitamins” approach. It is based on over 50 years of scientific research and 50,000 research articles of social scientists around the world as well as 50,000 years of successful human evolution. He has revealed the ABC to international audiences as research scientist, business school professor, speaker and consultant. What makes the ABC model so powerful is its grounding in human nature proviing revolutionary answers to the question of “What motivates People?” The ABC model also formed the basis of his pioneering work in calculating an ROI on investing in people.

This formed the basis of his pioneering work in calculation of the ROI on investing in people. 

Marcus’ research has been widely published in academic journals, book chapters and magazine articles. His most recent co-authored book publication in August 2022 “Libérer la motivation” outlines the ABC model. Validated by science, the book shows how the same people who give organizations their hands and heads, would also give them their hearts and souls if only the organizations knew how to ask.

This book is available at:

Trainevo is honored to collaborate with Marcus to offer you the following seminar and workshops to work on the most profitable investment for your business, the human engagement:

This ABC of Work seminar will allow the participant to think and act differently with respect to people and how they feel at work. They will also have acquired validated tools to design, approve and implement effective, profitable investments in organizations with return well above 150%.

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