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Establish a set of specifications call on a caterer

Reference: Trainevo-022022-Sécuritéalimentaire- 02
Domain: Food Safety

1 day

This training allows to define the specifications to be taken into account in order to establish a set of specifications call on a caterer, or any other service or food provider.

Define the technical and operational specifications of the desired product or service.

Define the legal obligations, and the requirements in terms of quality, hygiene and food safety, health and safety of people, environment, etc., of the desired product or service.

Define the terms of ordering, storage, delivery, use, and end of life of the desired service or product.

Define the terms of control, monitoring, evaluation, complaint in the event of non-compliance with the CDC, and breach of contract, for the service/product provided.


1-The interest of establishing a CDC

2-The legal framework to be respected

3-Assessment of need

4-Assessment of dangers, risks and opportunities in terms of QSE

4-Specifications to take into account

4.1-Technical and operational specifications of the service / product

4.2-Specifications relating to the quality of the service / product

4.3-Specifications relating to hygiene and food safety

4.4-Specifications relating to the supply of raw materials

4.5-Specifications relating to the order

4.6-Delivery specifications

4.7-Storage specifications

4.8-Checks and analyzes at the different stages

5- Mandatory sales and compliance documents

6-Standard and emergency contacts

7-Performance evaluation

8-CDC Compliance Audit

9-Treatment of non-conformities and deviations from the specifications defined in the CDC

10-Annual Supplier Assessment

11. Conditions of termination or review of the contract


The interactive presentation including the deployment of a methodology and associated tools allows a better acquisition of skills.

Managers, buyers, quality / QSE manager.

Certificate of attendance.

Address: Color Business Center, 19 rue de l’industrie L-6089  Bertrange.

For in-company training, please contact us.


400 € Tax free / Participant

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