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Management of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Reference: Trainevo-022022-SST- 20


This training makes it possible to set up a structured approach to managing personal protective equipement (PPE) in order to ensure the provision of suitable PPE, their availability, and their proper use to prevent the risk that they are supposed to control.

Know the issues related to the control of PPE.

Identify the need for PPE, research, test and reference or dereference PPE.

Validate the PPE with the various stakeholders.

Train users.

Supply, have the necessary stock, and make PPE available.

Ensure the verification & control of PPE, and the management of their end of life in accordance with supplier specifications.

Ensure the traceability of regulated PPE.

Track the performance of your activity's PPE management.

1-Issues related to PPE

2-What is PPE?

3-The regulatory framework related to PPE

4-The meaning of the conformity marking

5-Assessment of risks related to PPE

6-Control of PPE management

6.1-Identify the need of PPE

6.2-Referencing a new PPE

6.3-Train users

6.4-Traceability of PPE subject to periodic regulatory control or verification

6.5-Check & control PPE

6.6-Supply, store, make PPE available

7-Evaluate the performance of PPE management & Continuous improvement

The participatory presentation integrating a methodology and implementation tools facilitates the acquisition of skills.

Managers, HR, Purchasing / Service Manager, Designated Worker, QSE/HSE/SST Manager

Delivery of a certificate of attendance.

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