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NLP with Python

Reference: Trainevo-092022-IT- 11
Domain: IT

5 days

This training allows you to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge on automatic language processing (NLP). It addresses the main concepts, from classical statistical techniques to state-of-the-art deep learning models. The training includes a practice in Python to acquire operational skills.

Anyone wishing to gain theoretical and practical knowledge in NLP with Python.


Knowledge of Python.

Elements of statistics and/or machine learning.

Become aware of opportunities and use cases related to textual data.

Acquire the fundamental concepts of NLP, including the most advanced techniques.

Be able to implement a business project involving textual data.

Introduction to NLP

  • History and evolution of the NLP
  • Specificity of textual data
  • Pre-processing of textual data
  • Traditional NLP tasks (retrieving information, named entities, etc.)

NLP with statistical techniques

  • Technique de TF-IDF
  • Theme detection and LDA algorithm
  • Practice in Python

NLP with machine learning

  • Key Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Overlearning and regularization of ML algorithms
  • Training ML algorithms on textual data
  • Practice in Python

Distributed representations of words

  • Limitations of one-hot representations
  • Co-occurrence matrices
  • CBOW and skip-gram
  • Classic templates (Word2Vec, GloVe, fastText
  • Practice in Python

NLP with deep leearning.

  • Fundamentals of deep learning
  • Multilayer Perceptron
  • RNN and LSTM models
  • Seq-to-Seq Templates
  • Practice in Python

Self-supervised and multimodal learning

  • Attention Mechanism and Transformers
  • Fine tuning (BERT)
  • Few-shot learning (GPT-3)
  • Multimodal learning
  • Practice in Python

NLP Project


The training includes a theoretical course (adapted to the public's achievements) and a practice in Python for each technique covered.

Enterprise use cases.

Submission of a certificate of attendance.

Address: 19 rue de l'industrie, 8069, Bertrange

For in-company training, please contact us.


1600 € Tax free / Participant

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