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2 days

This training allows you to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to become an actor in the prevention of risks related to physical activity, and to contribute to the continuous improvement of working conditions within your company.

All employees, operators and agents engaged in physical activity.

Prerequisites: None

Be able to position themselves as an actor in the prevention of risks related to physical activity in their company or establishment.

Be able to observe and analyze his work situation based on the functioning of the human body, to identify the various health damages likely to be incurred.

Be able to participate in the control of risk in his company or establishment and in its prevention.

DAY 1 Morning: Mastering the fundamentals of occupational risk prevention

  • Presentation of the training
  • Principles of occurrence of damage. Concepts of danger and risk
  • Concepts of accident at work (AT), commuting accident and occupational disease (MP)
  • Statistics related to AT / MP and interest in the prevention of occupational risks
  • Identification of the different risks of its sector of activity.
  • The 9 aspects of occupational risk prevention


DAY 1 Afternoon : Carry out a diagnosis of a work situation

  • Elementary notions of anatomy and limits of the functioning of the human body
  • Observation and analysis of a hazardous work situation
  • Identification of the elements of a work situation: assessment of physical, mental, and organizational constraints.
  • Proposal for improvements that may avoid or reduce the risks associated with physical activity
  • Passing instructions for intersessional work

DAY 2 Morning: Know how to assess and controloccupational risks within your company

  • Restitution of intersessional work
  • Analysis and proposal for improvement

DAY 2 Afternoon: Adapt and optimize your professional practices

  • The Basic Principles of Safety and Effort Saving (PSEE)
  • Protective handling adapted to his profession.
  • The use of preventive technical aids.

Course of the training:

2 non-consecutive days (14 hours). Intersessional work between the 2 days.  The date of the 2nd day will be set at the end of the first day in consultation with the attendees.

This is essentially practical training in accordance with the INRS program (French national reference system).

Analysis of practices.

Acquisition and assessment of knowledge and skills.

A certification test: observation, analysis and proposal for improvement of the work situation.

Certificate of attendance.

A maintenance and updating of skills advised.

Address: Color Business Center, 19 rue de l'industrie L-6089  Bertrange.

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800 € Tax free / Participant

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