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First Aid

Reference: Trainevo-092022-SST- 01

Fr Ger Eng
16 hours

This training allows to learn how to provide first aid gestures that can be of vital importance in some cases, to be able to react correctly to face the many emergency situations that will have been apprehended during the courses and that can occur in a personal or professional environment, while waiting for the intervention of the emergency services.

All audiences: employees or self-employed, public.


Minimum age: 12 years

Know how to identify an emergency situation.

Know the first aid gestures and be able to implement them.

Have enough “First Aiders in Companies» that could be able to manage an emergency situation

in the professional context, in accordance with the following AAA Recommendation No. 1  :

  • One first aider for a maximum of 20 insured persons present,
  • For more than 20 insured persons present:
    • In administrative and commercial enterprises: 5% of the workforce
    • In other companies: 10% of the workforce

Have certified training, provided by Trainevo, approved by the Ministry of the Interior under N°INFS-2022-OFF-007.

The program below that we propose is the one provided for by the Luxembourg legislation in force:

The intervener’s legal framework

Prevention of risks and accidents

The rescue chains


The alert

Examining a situation

Emergency clearances

Reaction in the event of an attack

Syncope and unconsciousness

Rescue gestures adapted to infants, children, and adults

Verification of the state of consciousness

Checking ventilation

The Safety Lateral Position

Victim reversal

Respiratory problems

Circulatory and respiratory anatomy

Waiting positions

Specific bleeding and bleeding

Trauma to the chest



The use of a triangular scarf

Helmet removal

The PLS with two rescuers

Management of suspected trauma to the spine

Specific illnesses and diseases

Heart disease

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

The use of the defibrillator

Alternation between theoretical and technical learning, situational skills, exchanges between participants and debriefings.


Since the reorganization of the first aid courses on 1 July 2018, this course is also based in Luxembourg, on the model of the European First-Aid course.  That is, 2/3 of the course is now based on practice.

The knowledge is validated throughout the training by practical exercises of real situations and analysis which allows a continuous evaluation.

Delivery of a 1st aid certificate valid for 5 years.

Trainevo is approved by the Ministry of the Interior under N°INFS-2022-OF-007.

Address: Color Business Center, 19 rue de l’industrie L-6089  Bertrange.

For in-company training, please contact us.


230 € Tax free / Attendee

*Price can be downwards depending the nb of attendees

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