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ERP (Entreprise Ressource Planning)

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Domain: Quality

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16 Hours

ERP, (Integrated Management (ERP) allows you to supervise all the activities of a company, accounting, commercial management, human resources or inventory management.

ERP software is used by many companies around the world and the positions used by it are very varied.

This training will allow you to acquire knowledge and skills to be able to use an ERP as part of your current or future professional activity.

All people wishing to set up an E.R.P , Future user of an E.R.P.

 Prerequisite: none

Know the basic principles of an E.R.P (Enterprise Resource Planning).

Understand the possibilities of the E.R.P tool

Management follow-up of an order / an order life cycle.

Discovery of existing modules in an E.R.P

Interest of KPIs (Indicators) and Cockpit.


1.      General training on the basics

  • General features of the software
  • Document management
  • KPIs

2.      Order Management Process/Order Lifecycle

  • Business Process/CRM
    • Creation of customers/prospects
    • Creating contacts
    • Creating visit trackers
    • CRM sheet
    • Customer/prospect related tasks
  • Process Offer
    • Creation/modification of commercial offers
    • Rate management
  • FORECAST Process
    • Creation/modification of forecasts/sales forecasts
  • BUSINESS Process (customer contract)
    • Creating a Business
    • Transform into a sales order/link to the sales order
    • Creation of the FORECAST on the basis of BUSINESS
  • Sales order process
    • Receipt of sales order
    • Sales order introduction and confirmation process
    • Transformation and launch
  • Research Process
    • Creating/modifying/deleting articles
    • Creating/modifying/deleting routes
    • Creating/modifying/deleting standard operations
    • Concept of BOM and launch BOM
  • MRP calculation
    • MRP calculation
      • Training in MRP principles
      • Definition of articles
    • MRP calculation through purchasing
    • MRP calculation through stock
    • MRP calculation through manufacturing
  • Purchasing process
    • Creating a purchase order
    • Reception
    • Link to Document Management
    • Link to the Quality System
    • Stock movements
  • Serialization/traceability
    • Creating, updating articles for serialization/traceability
    • Link to document management
  • Production Process
    • Training on TRACKER systems
    • Printing OF + documents
    • Planning/Scheduling
  • Stock Process
    • Receipt purchase order
    • Stocking of production orders
    • Out of stock on production orders
    • Inventory
  • Quality Process
    • Creating production incidents and managing production incidents
    • Creation/modification of Quality Follow-up Actions
    • Creating/Modifying Corrective/Preventive Actions
    • Link through the software
    • Quality certificates
  • Shipping Process
    • Creating Dispatch Notes
    • Parcel management
  • Invoicing Process
    • Creation/modification of customer invoices/credit notes
    • Creation/modification of invoices/supplier credit notes
    • Interface to Accounting software

The theoretical part represents 50% of the training.

The rest of the training consists of Workshops with the use of E.R.P. software.

Certificate of attendance.

Address: Color Business Center, 19 rue de l'industrie L-6089  Bertrange.

For in-company training, please contact us.


800 € Tax free / Participant

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