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Learn to program with Python (Initiation)

Reference: Trainevo-082022-IT- 06
Domain: IT

5 days

This training introduces the basics of algorithmics and programming in Python, and Django for website development.

Anyone who wants to learn about computer programming with Python.



Provide theoretical and practical knowledge to integrate a Python development project.

Discover the possibilities offered by this programming language and learn the basics of object-oriented programming.

Use Python to automate repetitive computer tasks and create interactive programs.

Discover Python:

  • Discover python syntax
  • Naming conventions
  • Math with Python
  • Types of variables
  • Basic methods

Programming part 1 :

  • Console scripts
  • Using variables
  • Manipulating character strings
  • Simple condition
  • Prompt the user
  • Format data
  • Compound conditions
  • Discovery of loops
  • Discover object-oriented programming
  • Using Classes and Methods
  • Advanced scripts

Programming part 2:

  • Extract or write in CSV with Python
  • Perform data processing

Programming part 3: Going further

  • Create a web application
  • Pyhton for financial analysis



This course takes place in three stages:

  • Presentation of the concepts
  • Make examples & Application exercises
  • Exercises & quizzes – correction of exercises

20% theory & 80% practice.

Make a project containing all the tools discussed in class.

Submission of a certificate of attendance.

Address: 19 rue de l’industrie, 8069, Bertrange

For in-company training, please contact us.


1600 € Tax free / Participant

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