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Success has three letters: A, B and C. Find out about the ABC Model, why it is so powerful and how it can be implemented in your organization?  Over 50 years of scientific research and 50,000 publications on the ABC Model have revealed revolutionary answers to the question of “What drives People?”.

This 2 days seminar uniquely combines astonishing findings of the fields of psychology, evolution, anthropology, and neuroscience to demonstrate the scientific, practical and measurable foundations of work motivation and employee engagement.

After the completion of the ABC of Work seminar, participants will think and act differently with respect to people and how they feel at work. They will also have acquired validated tools to design, get approval and implement effective, profitable investments in organizations with returns well above 150%.

Everyone interacting with people in organizations.

  • Understand why people are a source of sustainable, competitive advantage.
  • Realize how social innovation drives employee engagement and, in turn, company performance.
  • Learn about state-of-the-art neuroscientific, psychological, and evolutionary foundations of work engagement.
  • Acquire tools to design, get approval for and implement employee engagement programs in organizations.
  • Define and monitor performance indicators to optimize the website.

Module #1 : WHY ABC?  The Evolutionary Foundations of the ABC Model

Module #2 : THE PSYCHO-LOGIC OF BEHAVIOR - Managing Energy instead of Time

Module #3 : ENERGY - How Life at Work drives Health, Well-being and Performance

Module #4 : HOW THE BRAIN MAKES UP ITS MIND - The Neuroscience of Engagement

Module #5 : ActSMART - A Process Model for ABC Management in Organizations

Module #6 : MEASURING IMPACT – How to determine Return-On-Investment (ROI) for investments in People Engagement


« I hear and I forget, I see, and I may remember, I do and I understand » (Confucius)

Following Confucius’ famous quote on effective education, this seminar will be highly interactive using cohort discussions, small team brainstorming, case simulations, experiential exercises, and self- assessment surveys.

At the end of each module, the group will compile a list of action items for potential social innovations based on the ABC model in organizations.

A certificate of participation will be issued after the completion of the seminar.

Training on remote.

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