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Developing the Quality Work Life (QWL)

Reference: Trainevo-062022-RH- 09

2 days

This training allows to respond to a growing societal need for quality work life of employees, to understand the associated issues and, to set up a continuous improvement approach by identifying the obstacles and levers of action to improve employee’s satisfaction and commitment, and consequently the company's performance.

HRD, IRP, managers, management staff.

Prerequisites: None

Know the challenges of the company's QWL and the associated regulatory framework.

Identify the obstacles and actions to improve QWL.

Identify the role of QWL actors to better involve them in the process.

Develop a participatory approach to continuous improvement of QWL.

1. The challenges and principles of a QWL approach

  • Historic QWL notion
  • Difference between improving QWL and preventing psychosocial risks
  • The regulatory framework
  • The principles of QWL
  • Identify QWL success factors
  • How to set up a QWL approach?

2. Practical work

  • Carry out an inventory of the actions, already in place, in connection with QWL in the company
  • Collection of expectations expressed by employees
  • Identify and analyse the measurement indicators already in place in relation to QWL
  • Identify areas for improvement

This renovation is done first individually, then collectively.

3. Conduct a QWL approach in the company

3.1 Design and management

  • Set up a steering committee involving staff representatives
  • Raise awareness of the QWL approach
  • Identify internal and external issues related to QWL
  • Identify the risks and opportunities associated with these issues
  • Identify actors, roles, and responsibilities in the QWL approach
  • Leadership and management commitment in the QWL approach
  • Identify roles and responsibilities to implement this approach
  • Provide the necessary resources and means
  • Define the QWL policy and objectives for QWL and performance, health and safety and work organization

3.2 Diagnosis and choice of areas for improvement

  • Carry out an initial inventory of QWL using various tools
  • Identify and formalize areas for provement and set action plan to achieve the QVT objectives and, to prevent relevant QVT risks and opportunities

3.3 Deploy and sustain the QWL approach

  • Implement palled QWL actions
  • Integrate QWL into business processes
  • Define QWL performance monitoring indicators
  • Communicate QWL performance to relevant employees and stakeholders
  • Periodically evaluate and report on QWL performance
  • Continuous improvement of the QWL approach


Alternation of theoretical contributions, practical exercises, and scenario.

Individual and sub-group work.

The trainer evaluates the participant's pedagogical progress throughout the training in thefield of scenarios and practical work.

The participant also completes a progress test upstreamand downstream to validate the skills acquired.

Submission of a certificate of attendance.

Address: Color Business Center, 19 rue de l'industrie L-6089  Bertrange.

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1000 € Tax free / Participant

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