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Practical workshop: Citizen power

Reference: Trainevo-062022-CS- 08
Domain: Societal change


Given the magnitude of the major environmental, social, and economic challenges, we have three choices. Listen without feeling challenged. React by shouting injustice but without taking concrete action. Be indignant and set out to change things. Which of these options applies to you?

Hundreds of millions of people on all continents have understood the scope of their power. Because yes, our power is powerful. These committed people are literally transforming our society.  Citizens' victories, seemingly impossible, are multiplying. Governments and companies are thus called upon to act. This workshop aims to take action in the concrete exercise of citizen power. It makes it possible to become aware of the power of each one as an economic actor and citizen.

As a recognized agent of social change, Canadian facilitator, Jean Provencher, will bring his decades-long expertise and social commitment to participants.

Activity accessible to all audiences: individuals, schools, companies, organizations

Become aware of the true power that everyone possesses to make a difference.

To raise awareness of the various ways in which citizen power can be exercised individually and collectively.

Stimulate the desire to engage socially by measuring the unsuspected impact that concerted gestures and actions can have.

Thisworkshop is part of an educational path for social change, which offers activities (e.g., conference and seminar) to go deeper into certain themes.

Three formulas proposed for a total day of 8 hours

  • One 8-hour theme of your choice ► Full day
  • Two themes of 4 hours to choose from ► 1 in AM + 1 in PM
  • Four 2-hour theme of your choice ► 2 in AM + 2 in PM

Themes offered (according to the applicable time blocks)


8 h

4 h

 2 h


Global warming




·Measuring the magnitude and impacts of warming

·Learning to fight global warming every day

Power of the citizen




·Becoming aware ofthe powerful power in our hands

·Exercising this power in practice

Responsible consumption




·Realizing how consumption governs everything

·Adopt healthy and sustainable consumption patterns

Technological dependence




·Questioning the place of technology in our society

·Dominating the techno footprint to limit its impacts

Information and disinformation




·Understanding the influence of information warfare

·Guarding against disinformation and propaganda

Responsible Investment



·Discover the benefits of investing responsibly

·Identify truly responsible investments

General approach of the workshop
(* the sequence and duration of the elements below will vary according to the chosen formula)

1.Context of the theme


3.Individual exercise(s)

4.Exchange(s) in group or subgroup(s)

5.Information Shared


Prerequisite: Participants are strongly advised to have attended the conference "Being, thinking and acting differently" beforehand.

The workshop includes various forms of learning and practice depending on the chosen formula: visual presentation, multimedia tools, pedagogical content delivered by the facilitator, individual practical exercises, exchanges in small groups, plenary.

Certificate of participation in the workshop.

Address: Color Business Center, 19 rue de l'industrie L-6089  Bertrange.

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250 € tax free / Participant

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