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People do not check their hearts and feelings at the entrances of their workplaces.

How they feel about their worklife has a substantial effect on their engagement and productivity. An increasing number of companies have been appointing Chief Happiness Officers (CHO). These CHOs’ job is not to hand employees an armchair, an umbrella, and a towel to make them feel like they were at a beach holiday. Instead, CHOs ensure that people feel happy about the conditions under which they perform their respective tasks and projects.

Science knows that happy people perform better, are healthier and more loyal. This workshop introduces the ABC model as a way of managing, monitoring, and measuring happiness in companies as a way to increase work motivation and employee engagement.

Everyone interacting with people in organizations.

Prérequis :  THE ABC OF WORK (2 day seminar)

  • Understand the dynamics and role of happiness in modern life.
  • Learn about the two dimensions of happiness.
  • Become aware of the organizational sources of happiness.
  • Recognize the special relationship between money and happiness.
  • Reflect on corporate compensation and reward systems.

This workshop will address the following questions:

  1. What do the sciences know about happiness?
  1. What role does happiness play for corporate performance, health and well-being?
  1. How can people’s happiness level be monitored, measured, and managed in organizations?
  1. How can the ABC framework help increase workplace happiness?
  1. What role does worklife play for employees’ communities outside work and society at large?

« I hear and I forget, I see and I may remember, I do and I understand » (Confucius)

Following Confucius’ famous quote on effective education, this workshop will be highly interactive using cohort discussions, small team brainstormings, case simulations, experiential exercises, and self- assessment surveys.

At the end of the workshop, the group will compile a list of action items for potential social innovation in organizations based on the ABC model.

A certificate of participation will be issued after the completion of the seminar.

Training on remote.

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