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Seminar: Undestand and hope to act

Reference: Trainevo-062022-CS- 02
Domain: Societal change

2 jours

We are facing an unprecedented period in our history. Never before has our society been subjected to such pressure: pandemia, climatic warming, castrophes n aturelles n aturelles plus frequent, pollutions, social and distribution inequalities, problems of governance, technological dependance, economic dynamism and difficulty in projecting oneself into the future.  Urgency is omnipresent. Worry, anxiety, and discouragement win us all.  That is why it has become essential to question our choices, our decisions, our habits and our ways of life.

Is there still hope for our future? Can we make a difference? Do we have real power in our hands?   The answer is “YES” to all these questions. In fact, “to be able to act you have to understand and to want to act you have to hope”.

This seminar will offer each participant a unique and stimulating opportunity to participate in the transformation of our society.  The participant will be able to appreciate the importance and feasibility of social and citizen responsibility.  In addition to the in-depth knowledge of the world he has acquired, he will be able to act at his level and will also derive interesting benefits regarding his quality of life and the reduction of his anxiety.

As a recognized agent of social change, Canadian facilitator Jean Provencher will bring his decades-long expertise and social commitment to participants.


Activity accessible to all audiences.

Prerequisite: it is highly recommended to have previously attended the conference “To be, to think and to act differently”.

Understand the major factors that have contributed to building society as we know it, in order to learn from it for the future.

To know the major problems that paralyze our evolution thanks to an overview that gives the right time, without catastrophic speech or magical thinking.

Identify the individual and collective obstacles that limit the implementation of social changes such as our state of mind, the limited commitment of decision-makers and thepower of lobbies.  

To highlight the people, organizations, initiatives, and movements that bring hope that, far from reflectors, are transforming our society on all continents. 

Discover how to make a concrete difference through our attitudes, behaviors, habits, gestures, priorities and actions at all levels.

This seminar is part of an educational path for social change, which offers  activities (e.g. workshops) to go deeper into certain themes.

Day 1  – Our current world: transition from the past to the future

  • Arrival of humans on earth and major stages of their evolution
  • Breaking points that shaped the modern era and its development
  • Nature and impacts of major social, environmental, and economic issues
  • Levels of individual and collective responsibility as things stand

Day 2 – Hopeful solutions: ingredients of a different society

  • Tangible evidence that our society is doing better
  • People, initiatives and movements that are changing our society
  • Our roles in the transformation of society
  • Simple approach to being, thinking and acting differently
  • Daily solutions to fight against major challenges

This seminar includes various forms of learning: visual presentation, multimedia tools, pedagogical content delivered by the trainer-facilitator, individual practical exercises, small group exchanges, plenary.

Certificate of participation in the seminar.

Address: Color Business Center, 19 rue de l’industrie L-6089  Bertrange.

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800 € tax free / Participant

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