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This training enables staff working in ATEX classified areas to be made aware of the risk of forming an explosive atmosphere (ATEX), and also to discuss the technical means, operational and organizational practices in place to prevent this risk.

Understand the formation mechanisms of an ATEX zone, the causes and the consequences.

Know the classification of ATEX zones and the associated means of control.

Allow operational personnel working in ATEX classified zones to take the technical, operational and organizational prevention measures inherent to the type of zone.

1-Prevention issues related to the formation of an ATEX zone

2-The regulatory context

3-The mechanisms of the explosion

4-Protection and prevention of the risks of formation of an explosive atmosphere

5-Selection of ATEX equipment

6-Mastery of the management of technical, operational or organizational changes that take place in an ATEX zone


The participatory presentation methodology integrating examples, practical cases, and implementation tools, facilitates the acquisition of skills.

Managers, HR, Designated Worker, QSE/HSE/SST Manager, operational workers in the ATEX zone.

Delivery of a certificate of attendance.

Address: Color Business Center, 19 rue de l'industrie L-6089  Bertrange.

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400€ Tax free / Participant

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