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Assessing and Managing Noise Exposure at Work

Reference: Trainevo-092022-SST- 34

2 days

This training provides the knowledge and skills necessary to assess and implement an approach to prevent exposure to noise at work.

Anyone in charge of noise preventing exposure at work.

Prerequisites: none

Become familiar with the notion of noise and its characteristic quantities.

Understand how the ear works and the impact of associated noise.

Know the regulatory requirements in terms of exposure to noise at work.

Deploy a measurement plan to assess noise exposure at work.

Know how to use a noise measuring device.

Know how to process and exploit noise measurements.

Advise the company on collective and individual prevention measures.

Know how to write and operate an intervention report.

1-Thefundamental principles relating to the phenomenon of Noise

2-The effects of noise on the physiology of hearing

3-Issues related to noise at work and the associated regulatory framework

4-Deploy a noise prevention approach   at work

      4.1-Establish a noise  measurement device

      4.2-Noise metrology

      4.3-Assessment of exposure to noise at work

      4.4-P noise reduction action

      4.5-Staff awareness of the risk of exposure to noise at the workplace

      4.6-Collective prevention solutions

      4.7- Individual prevention solutions

      4.8-Writing of a summary report of the results

This training alternates theoretical contribution and practical exercises for the acquisition of skills.

Submission of a certificate of attendance.

Address: Color Business Center, 19 rue de l'industrie L-6089  Bertrange.

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800 € Tax free / Attendee

*Price can be revised downward according to the number of attendees

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