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3 days

This training allows you to:

-Get trained to the principles and theoretical bases of ergonomics and workstation analysis to become an actor in prevention,

-Take into account ergonomics from the design of future workstations or production lines or projects, but also by acting on existing workstations,

-Contribute to the continuous improvement of working conditions within his company.

Any person involved in the setting up or creation of workstations or working on the modification of workstations.

Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of safety and risk prevention

Appropriate the main basic notions of ergonomics.

Acquire the methodologies to design and improve the layout of physical workspaces with maximum of safety, comfort, and efficiency.

Integrate ergonomics and prevention into your professional practice to anticipate and reduce the risk of MSDs.

Carry out diagnoses, organize and implement workplace analysis and risk prevention actions according to the objectives set by the company.

Preparation before the training: 0.5 days

Adaptation of the training to your activity (collection of information on the work situations to be studied).

 DAY 1 Morning: Man at Work

  • Definitions of ergonomics
  • Regulatory aspects
  • Benefits of ergonomics for the worker and the company
  • Some notions of anatomy: muscles, spine, and joints
  • Gestures and joint amplitudes
  • Static and dynamic efforts and postures
  • Handling and risks of MSDs

DAY 1 Afternoon: The work environment

  • Visit of the 3 positions to be analyzed (approx. 20′ per position)
  • Deviation between the prescribed work– actual work
  • The physical atmospheres of the work environment
  • Temporal conditions related to shiftwork (3*8H)
  • Teamwork
  • The biomechanical, mental, organizational, and environmental constraints of the position

DAY 2 Morning: Workstation analysis

  • Presentation of the job analysis process
  • The principles and techniques of job diagnosis
  • Diagnostic tools
  • The search for solutions in the design phase or workstation layout

DAY 2 Afternoon: Workstation analysis (continued)

  • Presentation of an ergonomic study of a concrete case
  • Exercise: “Realization of an inventory of your workstation”
  • On-site study of company-specific situations with participants
  • Training assessment

DAY 3 Morning or afternoon remotely: Restitution by the participants

  • Presentation of their job analysis approach: diagnosis and improvement proposals.

The proposed methodology is that of “Training – action” which adapts to each context of intervention and is based on concrete case studies specific to the company.

An alternation of theoretical contributions and field work will be adopted so that participants can better understand the problems of health, safety, design, and workstation layout, through the study of work situations present in their company.

This method allows to implement immediately and autonomously the achievements of the training.

A feedback session (0.5 days remotely) will take place approximately 4 weeks after the training session (2 days) to allow participants to carry out an in-depth analysis (ergonomic diagnosis) of the workstation that has been chosen and to propose adapted improvement solutions that will then be discussed with the whole group.

Training materials will be provided to participants in advance in electronic format.

Immediate evaluation sheets will be distributed at the end of the training, as well as a final round table organized, so that participants can take stock of the contributions, the achievement of the objectives, and the quality of the training provided.

At the end of the restitution session a certificate of completion of the training will be given to each participant.


An evaluation in the form of a questionnaire will be sent to participants approximately 6 months after the training to measure the effects of the training on their practices within the company.

Address: Color Business Center, 19 rue de l’industrie L-6089  Bertrange.

For in-company training, please contact us.


1200 € Tax free / Participant

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