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16 hours

This training makes it possible to identifythe key phases of an e-commerce project and the mistakes to avoid.

Anyone who prepares or is required to prepare in his company an e-commerce project (sale of products / services, whether to individuals or BtoB – to professionals, in parallel or not with offline sales channels).”

Prerequisites: Have, at a minimum, already visited company websites and ideally, already purchased online privately.

Allow participants to:

  • Discover the behind the scenes of E-commerce and the different aspects related to the launch and operation of a webshop,
  • Identify the key stages of an e-commerce project that involves preparation as well as the main pitfalls inherent in them.
  1. Introduction to E-commerce
  • Some current figures on E-commerce
  • The different techniques of online sales
  • The E-commerce ecosystem
  • Online consumer buying: Key milestones and potential sources of problems
  • Selling online: The key steps that involve preparation
  • Trends in E-commerce
  1. Focus on e-commerce solutions
  • Presentations of solutions, their advantages and disadvantages
  • “How to choose?”
  1. Seduce and Convert Internet users into customers
  • Good practices and mistakes not to make on your webshop
  1. How to serve the customer well: payment, logistics

REM: It is strongly recommended to also follow the “Economic Regulations” training.


The training is led by an e-commerce specialist.

The points discussed are almost systematically imaged by, at a minimum, a concrete example thus allowing a better understanding on the part of the participants. Tips and tricks based on the trainer’s experience will be delivered during the discovery of the material.

Participants will also be able to ask questions about their own activity so that they can easily move on to practice in their company.

At the end of certain subject points, participants will be invited to carry out analysis/case study exercises, the results of which they will then share with the rest of the group.

The various interactions (questions directly asked to the participants, question and answer sessions, etc.) between the trainer and the participants will make it possible to assess the good understanding of the subject by the latter.

In addition to this, the few exercises carriedout by the participants will also allow the trainer to assess their good understanding of the subject.


Delivery of a certificate of attendance.

Training on remote or face-to-face.

Address: 19 rue de l’industrie, 8069 Bertrange

For in-company training, please contact us.


800 € Tax free / Participant

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