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Management of work accident

Reference: Trainevo-022022-SST- 12


This training allows to master the management of a work accident so as to improve the responsiveness of the teams concerning the collection of the information necessary for the causes effective treatment in order to prevent its recurrence or entails serious consequences for the victim and the activity.

Know how to quickly and efficiently collect the information necessary for the work accident analysis.

Know how to research the root causes of the work accident based on the information collected.

Implement appropriate corrective and preventive actions to avoid recurrence.

Monitor the effectiveness of the actions implemented after the work accident treatment.

1-Issues related to the appearance of the work accident

2-The regulatory framework

3-The investigation after a work accident

4-Search for the causes of a work accident

5-Implementation of corrective and preventive actions

6-Examples and practical cases

7-Monitoring the effectiveness of actions and continuous improvement

The participatory presentation integrating a methodology and implementation tools facilitates the acquisition of skills.

Managers, HR, Designated Worker, Assistant or QSE/HSE/OHS Manager, staff representatives

Delivery of a certificate of attendance.

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200 € Tax free / Participant

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