Training Services

What are the aid for continuing training in companies in Luxembourg?

Is there support for in-company continuing training in Luxembourg?

A company may obtain public co-financing from the Luxembourg State fortraining measures on the basis of:

  • annual investment in continuing vocational training (CVT)
  • the type of training

The request for co-financing must be made to the National Institute for the Development of Continuing Vocational Training (INFPC).

Who is concerned?

Any private sector company legally established in Luxembourg and which mainly carries out its activities there may benefit from this co-financing.

What are the eligibility requirements  ?

The training must concern employees:

his aid doesn’t concern compulsory continuing training provided for by the legislator for the exercise of regulated professions.

The costs covered are:

  • the registration fees of the participants in the training;
  • catering and accommodation costs ;
  • travel expenses for participants and internal trainers;
  • the salary cost of internal trainers;
  • the cost of supplier-trainers and external training organisations ;
  • the salary cost of the participants calculated on the basis of an average hourly wage resulting from the amount entered on the certificate providing information on the wage bill issued by the Joint Social Security Centre;
  • the cost of the auditor relating to the examination of the financial statement;
  • training management software fees ;
  • contribution fees, based on a collective agreement or an inter-professional agreement, for training organisations.

What is themaximum amount of aid?

The company can obtain training aid amounting to 15% taxable amount of the annual amount invested.

Depending on the number of employees employed within the company, investment in training is capped:

  • from 1 to 9 employees: 20% of the wage bill;
  • from 10 to 249 employees: 3% of the wage bill;
  • more than 249 employees: 2% of the payroll.

The number of employees shall be taken into account on 31 December of the year preceding the financial year for which co-financing is requested.

The Financial Contribution of the State increases to 35% taxable for the salary costs of participants meeting the following criteria on the start date of the training plan:

  • either no recognized diploma and a seniority in the company of less than 10 years;
  • or over 45 years of age at the beginning of the implementation of the company’s training plan.

The State covers the costs of compiling the application for co-financing up to 500 euros.

The company can estimate the financial assistance to which it is entitled thanks to a co-financing calculation simulation tool and prepare its co-financing application file on the INFPC website.


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