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We offer to assist you in designing your customized business training courses, in serious game format, in immersion in a real or imaginary setting, to build an integration course, an induction course or a training course at the workstation, or any other training course to develop the skills of your employees, taking into consideration all the operational, regulatory, technical, health & safety, quality, environmental, energy and CSR requirements applicable to your business.       

Design your training in an immersive and gamified situation by:

  • Adapting the training to the learner;
  • Creating training simulations and learning by doing;
  • Facilitating the acquisition, development and transmission of multiple skills and adapted to your job missions;
  • Promoting and improving learner engagement through realistic situations, immersive and gamified.

Define a training plan and distribute the training modules.

Set up a reporting of the realization of the training plan

1-Expression of the learning needs

2-Definition of the learning program

3-Writing the content of the learning module

4-Design of the adaptative and immersive learning module

4.1- Creation of the working environment decor

4.2- Creation of the actors 

4.3- Scripting of the leaning module content with the integration of interactive sequences to facilitate skills acquisition

4.4- Vocalization of the content

5-Deployment of the training module on your website, platform, tablets, PC     

6-Implementation of statistical monitoring of the training modules designed

Use of simulation and training tools.

Use of Serious Games, and Videos Learning.

Any function

Certificate of attendance

Success scoring per person and/or module and other available statistical data.

Address: Color Business Center, 19 rue de l'industrie L-6089  Bertrange.

For in-company training, please contact us.


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